HEMPSTEAD - Students say class schedule confusion made for a chaotic first day of classes Tuesday at Hempstead High School.

Many students tell News 12 that the schedules they received were incorrect and unclear.

Abid Ahmed says her schedule went from her third-period class straight to her seventh-period class.

Senior Ryeisha Cruz says she was told to go to the front office to get her schedule.

"Nobody knew where my teacher's classroom was so I was told to go to the auditorium. It was chaotic," says Cruz.

Students say many were ordered into the auditorium Tuesday morning where they waited for hours to receive their schedules.

Sophomore Tyhair Best tells News 12 that she sat in the auditorium for three to four hours with nothing to do.

When News 12 asked district spokesperson Todd Shapiro about the auditorium situation, he responded, "It is the first day of school. It was a great day for the first day of school."

The state Board of Regents recently classified Hempstead's high school and middle school as "persistently struggling schools." They have been told they have a year to improve or face a state takeover.