LONG ISLAND - Longwood freshman Jessica Barba has been suspended indefinitely for faking a suicide, but she says she was just trying to prove a point about cyber-bullying.

As an assignment for a business communications class, Jessica opted to make a persuasive video about the dangers of cyber-bullying to raise awareness about the issue. To legitimize the claims made in the video, she created a fake Facebook page for a fake suicidal student named Haley Bennett. Her intent was to prove that the Internet creates the perfect medium for a bully to torture someone under complete anonymity and illustrate how quickly that can spiral out of control.

Police report that parents of another student contacted the authorities after they saw the posts and took them to be real. Jessica says she was called into the principal's office on Wednesday and suspended.

She has been suspended for at least five day and is set to have a meeting with school officials later next week.