POINT LOOKOUT - A young student spent the day at the beach Tuesday catching sharks.

Wayne DeRosa, 14, accompanied Dr. Craig O'Connell on an expedition to research and learn about sharks as part of a youth education program.

The two traveled about a mile south of Point Lookout and Jones Beach.

Dr. O'Connell says each day, 52 lines are set out to attract sharks and other types of fish in the area. Once caught, researchers tag the sharks in an effort to learn more about their habitat and eating habits.

DeRosa helped Dr. O'Connell place hook lines in the water.

Dr. O'Connell is the founder of the O'Seas Conservation Foundation. He has formed a youth education program in which students will accompany the foundation and directly participate in the research.

Dr. O'Connell has caught as many as 40 sharks in one day. One was reported to be as long as 5 feet.