HEMPSTEAD - The Hempstead School District is among the lowest performing on Long Island and has long been plagued by a revolving door of leadership, but district officials unveiled a plan today with hopes of getting back on track.

Superintendent Susan Johnson gave a first-of-its-kind "state of the school district" address today. She spelled out a detailed plan with numerous changes to take effect at the start of the next school year.

Johnson says both the middle school and high school will be restructured, and teachers and faculty will be re-deployed so that their assignments reflect the needs of the students.

Currently, schools in the district are over-crowded, and more than half of all elementary schools are learning in portable classrooms. That's why Johnson says she's asking state lawmakers to secure funding to help rebuild Rhodes Elementary School, which has been closed for nine years.

There are more than 6,000 students in the Hempstead district, but only a small group of parents attended today's meeting. Those that were there were passionate about the future of the district, however. Many were hopeful that Johnson's plan could make a difference.

Johnson's hiring in November marked the seventh change in superintendents in the district in the past eight years.