EAST SETAUKET - Long Islanders spent much of Tuesday cleaning up after an early morning storm downed trees and knocked out power across the North Shore.

Suffolk County seemed to be hit the hardest, with downed trees in Saint James, East Setauket and Port Jefferson. 

In East Setauket, a falling tree barely missed a bedroom where a baby was sleeping.

"If it was any more that way, to the right, we knew it was going to go into his crib," says the baby's mother, Margo Patatinis.

The tree ended up falling on a swingset in the backyard, tearing it in half.

At one point during the morning, more than 40,000 homes were without power due to falling trees, high winds and downed power lines. Thousands remained without power by nightfall.

Several roads were closed as neighborhoods cleaned up the storm's damage.