WEST BABYLON - A man from West Babylon is training to be a ninja.

Justin Conway, a recruiter for Goldman Sachs, is training for the NBC show "American Ninja Warrior." The action-packed show follows competitors as they tackle a series of endurance obstacles.

Conway, 32, has been on the show three times since 2012. He did his best in season five and made it through the qualifying round.

"I went up and smashed that buzzer. It was the most amazing experience," he says.

Conway says that before 2015, there were no gyms in his area that offered his "type" of conditioning.

"You kind of have to create your own obstacle course around you, which I love actually," he says.

He made his own obstacles inside his home, in his backyard, at playgrounds and would even scale homes and businesses around Long Island.

Conway eventually decided to develop and design an official indoor ninja program at a gym called The Brooklyn Zoo, so others like him could train for the show.

"I thought what I should really do for these gyms is create a curriculum that will make a long-lasting program for them, so they can always have ninja," he says.

With his 13-year-old son, Jude, by his side for inspiration, Conway continues his training as he hangs in the balance to see if he'll be selected for season eight of American Ninja Warrior.

The season premiere of "American Ninja Warrior" is Wednesday, June 1 on NBC.