NORTH AMITYVILLE - An 82-year-old man was injured by a stray bullet as he watched television inside his apartment.

It happened at an apartment complex on Harrison Avenue. Police say the man, whose identity hasn't been released, was watching TV with his wife when a bullet entered the apartment and grazed him.

North Amityville Fire Department Chief John Harley says the man was "pretty lucky" because the bullet missed his head by about half an inch. "The bullet traveled through one wall, his television, a second wall, and hit the refrigerator," Harley said, "so we transported him to the hospital to get him checked out."

The man suffered a laceration and swelling at the back of his head.

Investigators say the shots were fired about a block away on Coolidge Avenue. Nearly 10 shell casings were found in the street.

The man suffered minor injuries. He did not want to open his door today to speak with News 12, but did say he is doing OK.