STONY BROOK - Scientists say they've discovered a 70-million-year-old, massive groundhog-like creature that roamed the earth in the time of the dinosaurs.

Stony Brook paleontologist Dr. David Krause unveiled the creature’s skull Wednesday, which his team discovered in a slab of sandstone in Madagascar.

Krause's team also discovered what's known as the ill-tempered "frog from hell" in the same region six years ago.  But Krause says this latest discovery is a giant breakthrough.  He's says it represents a group of mammals scientists didn't know much about.  

Through the skull, they have been able to determine the creature had great big eyes, a keen sense of hearing and a fantastic sense of smell. Experts say it weighed about 20 pounds.

“For the age of the dinosaurs, it was very big. It's enormous,” said Krause. “Most of the mammals that lived during the age of dinosaurs were shrew- and mouse-sized.”

Dr. Krause says he's planning another Madagascar expedition next summer.