HOLBROOK - The accused killer in Saturday’s motel shootout with Suffolk police was arraigned on first-degree attempted murder and second-degree murder charges in Central Islip court this afternoon.

Stoker Olukotun Williams is accused of shooting 24-year-old Shalece Cunningham in the face at point blank range.

Police say the shooting happened at the MacArthur Inn Motel on Veterans Highway just before 5 a.m. They say they received a call about a shooting in one of the rooms from the motel's manager.

Officers who responded to the scene say that when they knocked on the door to the room, Williams opened it and began firing at them. The officers dove for cover behind vehicles that were parked in front of the room. The suspect was shot in the arm during the crossfire.

The alleged gunman ran from the room into a patch of nearby woods, where police caught up with him a short time later.

Two others acquaintances of the victim were also in the motel room. Police say they were unharmed.

Investigators say they’re operating on the theory that some type of illegal activity was going on in the room where the shooting happened.

Williams' lawyer says he was on the list to become a New York City police officer.

Willams has been remanded without bail. He is due back in court on Sept. 12.