WOODBURY - State Sen. Tom Croci is calling for the passage of a sweeping list of bills that would provide additional funding and training for local law enforcement to prevent terrorist attacks.

One of the bills would track convicted terrorists who are U.S. citizens when and if they are released from prison.

“Your county police are the first on the scene with fire and EMS,” says Croci. “They need the training, they need the resources, they need the support. We need to do that now before the next attack.”

The terrorist registry would be the first in the nation. Croci says it would be similar to the Megan's Law registry that monitors the whereabouts of convicted sex offenders. 

Croci says the terrorist registry would be different from current no-fly lists and known-terrorist lists held by the FBI, and would only be for tracking convicted terrorists who have served time.

He says the bill previously passed the Senate but has not been passed by the Assembly as of yet.