HEMPSTEAD - The results of the controversial Common Core English and math tests were released on Wednesday.

State officials say that students throughout Long Island and the state have shown a slight improvement in both subjects over last year.

The most noticeable result is that 52 percent of students tested in Nassau met the state's proficiency level in math. The percentage is significantly higher than the statewide average of 38 percent.

The tests are broken down into nearly 20 categories including gender, race and economic status. A number of parents who spoke with News 12 say that those numbers are pretty much meaningless.

Jeannette Arnold, of Levittown, says her children were among the 20 percent - or 200,000 - students in the state who opted out of the exams.

"The teachers are not given enough information to teach them," Arnold says. "Besides, that's all they do all year long is... prepare for a test."

Other residents say they are pleased with the results, and do not see why their children should not take the tests.

The assessment numbers, which are broken down by county or school district, are available online.