BETHPAGE - The state is investigating claims that large drums of hazardous materials were buried at Bethpage Community Park decades ago.

A spokesman for the state Department of Environmental Conservation confirmed to News 12 that the agency is investigating a whistleblower's report that large drums were discovered in the park in the 1990s during excavation work and were reburied there.

Residents say that they are worried about the possible health risks if the whistleblower's claim is true.

Mike Boufis, of the Bethpage Water District, reported the whistleblower's claim to the DEC after the whistleblower told the district what he witnessed as a worker at the park.

"He said that back in the early 1990s, he was involved in a project that was happening in the community park and they found buried drums, which at that time they didn't remove them, they covered them up," said Boufis.

Boufis says the whistleblower did not specify exactly where in the park the large drums may be.

A DEC spokesman said that it "has opened an immediate investigation to ensure all waste previously disposed of at this site was addressed by the Town of Oyster Bay or is included in Northrop Grumman's proposed remediation."

The DEC spokesman said that he could not provide details about the investigation because it is still active.

Boufis said the whistleblower seems to be a credible source because he had detailed facts about the site.