WOODBURY - The Nassau County Department of Health has declared a state of emergency for certain homes in Baldwin and East Rockaway that were affected by sewage main ruptures caused by Sandy.

The state of emergency provides for cleaning out and decontamination of homes affected by sewer system breaches on Barnes Avenue in Baldwin and North Boulevard in East Rockaway.

The Nassau County Department of Health recommends the following steps for cleaning up smaller contaminated areas:

- Remove children and pets from the affected area.

- To properly dispose of sewage, wear rubber gloves and boots during cleanup and use soap and water followed by disinfecting the area with a 10 percent household bleach solution (10 parts water, one part household bleach).

- Place clothing worn during cleanup directly into the wash or discard into heavy duty garbage bags.

- Place heavy duty garbage bags out for routine garbage pickup.

For additional information, affected residents may call 516-573?9635.