GLEN COVE - The Glen Cove School Board met tonight for the first time since a state investigation was launched into possible cheating in the district on state tests.

News 12 Long Island has learned the state is probing allegations that teachers helped provide students with correct answers at the Connolly and Landing elementary schools.

According to Newsday, the Glen Cove School Board hired a law firm to conduct an investigation after allegations of cheating emerged last November. The investigation found that of the 60 students interviewed, nearly 85 percent said they received, "inappropriate, staff-directed assistance." A total of 22 teachers and principals were named in the report, but all of them have denied the allegations.

According to the state Department of Education, school districts' tests scores can be invalidated if teachers are caught cheating on standardized tests.

When attendees pressed the board about the alleged scandal, they were told that they could not comment on the active investigation.