RIVERHEAD - The state Department of Environmental Conservation is pulling up an invasive weed that has been clogging up the Peconic River.

Ludwigia, or floating primrose-willow, is a non-native invasive species that forms floating mats on the water's surface.

Chard Guthrie, of the state DEC, says the weed can interfere in boater navigation and destroy fish habitat by limiting oxygen in the water.

Crews were out Tuesday in Riverhead removing the ludwigia by hand.

Guthrie says they were aiming to remove 10 to 15 cubic yards of the plant Tuesday. He says they have been able to remove up to 60 cubic yards in previous seasons.

"It's a control," Guthrie told News 12. "It's managing and monitoring. We are not going to be able to eradicate  [ludwigia] ."

The DEC says it is looking for volunteers willing to pull up the invasive weed in the Peconic. More information is available at the DEC website.