WOODBURY - The fire suppression systems that hang overhead at gas pumps may soon no longer be required at gas stations.

The New York State Fire Prevention and Building Council is considering a vote to do away with the mandated systems. The Long Island Gasoline Retailers Association says the fire suppression systems are expensive and, in most cases, unnecessary.

LIGRA says having two fire extinguishers at each gas station island is enough to keep people safe if a fire were to break out.

However, Nassau County Assistant Chief Fire Marshal Michael Uttaro says eliminating the systems puts the public at risk.

"While [extinguishers] are a great appliance, we believe a fire suppression system, which will automatically discharge in case of a fire, is the better way to go," said Uttaro.

There was no word on when the state council will vote on the suppression system mandate.

The Nassau Fire Marshal's Office says it has introduced its own code to keep the suppression systems in the county.