WOODBURY - The state Board of Regents has approved changes to implementing the controversial Common Core curriculum.

That means the class of 2022, not the class of 2017, will be the first group required to pass Common Core-aligned English and math exams.

The tough new curriculum changes have sparked a massive grassroots protest movement among parents and educators on Long Island. For months, groups have rallied to demand changes to the curriculum by state education officials.

This year's ninth-graders were supposed to be the first students required to get higher scores on the tougher exams in order to graduate. Since the standards have been delayed until 2022, current third-graders would be the first class required to fully meet the new state standards.

Students will still have to take the tests, but will be able to graduate with lower scores. Elementary students will still take math, ELA and science assessments, which are federally required exams.

The state Board of Regents has delayed making a decision on new teacher evaluation measures until April.