WOODBURY - New York legislators have introduced a bill to raise the legal age to purchase tobacco across the state.

Lawmakers are trying to push the minimum age from 18 to 21 in an attempt to deter youths from smoking in the first place. The limit would be placed on all tobacco products.

Nassau and Suffolk counties have already raised the minimum age to 19, but in New York City and counties upstate, the minimum age for tobacco purchases is currently 18 years old.

Health experts say the move would definitely eliminate potential smokers, but others say teens will find a way to cheat the system. Likewise, some current smokers say they'll navigate around the law if need be.

"If I want to smoke, I'm going to smoke," says Glen Cove resident Emily Charlaff. "Plus, you can just ask for a cigarette from anybody, so it's not like you have to get a whole pack every time."