FREEPORT - A Freeport woman with stage 4 lung cancer was bumped from her Saturday flight en route to what may have been her last cruise with her family.

Michele Mars has inoperable lung cancer. After being diagnosed with stage 4 cancer last August, co-workers raised money for her and her family to go on the cruise. Mars stopped her chemotherapy treatment three weeks ago in order to take the trip.

The family was scheduled to fly JetBlue from JFK to Fort Lauderdale Saturday morning, but received a call saying they had been bumped and moved to a Sunday afternoon flight. Their cruise left Saturday afternoon.

“No one could explain why we got bumped,” says Mars.

The family took to social media, contacting the airline on Facebook and Twitter. After a number of phone calls, JetBlue offered the family an all-inclusive five-day getaway to the Dominican Republic. They were slated to leave this morning, but that plan too went awry when the flight was canceled due to the weather.

“You couldn't make this up if you tried,” says Mars.

Rescheduling the trip isn’t easy for the family – two of Mars’ sons head back to college this week and a third is in high school. The family is now hoping to reschedule their cruise and flight for this summer.