HAUPPAUGE - Suffolk Police Commissioner Richard Dormer and Suffolk District Attorney Thomas Spota held a news conference this afternoon revealing new developments in the beach bodies case, including their belief that there are multiple killers responsible for the bodies that have been discovered.

Spota announced that remains found on March 29 were identified through DNA as additional remains of Washington, D.C. prostitute Jessica Taylor, whose partial remains were discovered on July 26, 2003 in Manorville. Spota added that at the time of the discovery, Taylor was missing her head, hands and forearm and that those remains were found in the area off Ocean Parkway.

Investigators say the original investigation in 2003 determined that Taylor fled from D.C. to New York City where she remained for a few days prior to her disappearance. Cops say Taylor worked in the vicinity of 10th Avenue as a prostitute. Taylor's case went cold after homicide detectives interviewed numerous people, but eliminated all of them as suspects.

Spota says that there are no similarities in the disposal of Taylor's body to that of the four recently discovered Gilgo Beach prostitute homicides. Investigators say it is very clear that whoever killed and dismembered Taylor was intent on preventing her identity from being discovered, even going to great lengths to remove a tattoo from her body.

Investigators stress that in the case of the four original women found at Gilgo Beach, the killer did not attempt to conceal the identity of the victims.

In an additional twist to the case, Spota announced that further east on Ocean Parkway, the additional remains of an unidentified female, whose body was also found in Manorville in 2000, were discovered. Investigators say the remains were disposed of in the same vicinity as Taylor's. The remains of the unidentified woman found 11 years ago were missing her head, hands and right foot. The rest of those body parts were found on April 4, approximately 1.5 miles from Taylor's.

Investigators also say that forensic anthropologists confirmed the identity of one set of remains to be that of an Asian male in his late teens to early 20s. Spota said those remains were clothed and present at the site for a significant length of time. The cause of death has been ruled a homicide.

As News 12 Long Island has previously reported, officials confirmed that one of the remains found appears to be that of a toddler, approximately 18-24 months in age. Cops say the body of the child was wrapped in a blanket and that there was no injury or trauma to the skeleton. The medical examiner's office has yet to determine the cause of death.

Cops say that although the toddler was found about 200 feet from the remains of an unidentified female, there is no indication that the toddler's death is connected to any of the remains found.

Spota says that all remains have been or will be examined by the New York City Medical Examiner's Office.

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