WOODBURY - A spike in the number of jets flying over Nassau homes to land at John F. Kennedy International Airport has caused residents to complain of lack of sleep.

Some residents say that the roar of jet engines has been more frequent, and is often heard in the middle of the night.

The number of planes flying over Nassau between 10 p.m. and 7 a.m. jumped from 8,000 jets in 2012 to 11,000 last year, according to Newsday.

The Port Authority says Runway 22-L has seen a nearly 36 percent spike in arrivals over the last year. The runway takes planes right over the path of Floral Park and other Nassau communities.

Rep. Steve Israel is urging the FAA to use other runways to reduce noise in the area.

When News 12 reached out to the FAA, the agency would not discuss the increased usage of Runway 22-L. In a short statement, though, the FAA said the agency does try to change runways at least every eight hours.