LEVITTOWN - News 12 Long Island is already getting word of problems with one of the speed cameras set up at a school zone after being in use for only two weeks.

According to the Nassau County Traffic Safety Coordinator, the cameras at Abbey Lane Elementary School in Levittown were rolling and issuing violations even when school wasn't in session. More than 200 tickets were issued by mistake.

A letter of apology was sent out on Wednesday for the erroneous tickets. However, some residents say all the tickets issued so far should be wiped out because they don't think the public was properly notified about the cameras in the first place.

The county says it hasn't had any other problems issuing violations or tickets, but there has been one other issue. Police confirm that one of the camera systems was vandalized in front of Plainedge Middle School in Bethpage. They say someone took a screwdriver to the radar system there.

Authorities say they are investigating that incident.