SAYVILLE - Sayville School District officials and concerned parents attended a special school board meeting Wednesday night to discuss their failure to pass a budget.

Sayville was one of three Long Island school districts which saw its budget get voted down by residents.  All three districts, Sayville, Bridgehampton, and West Babylon, were attempting to override state tax caps.  The override requires a supermajority 60 percent vote of approval from residents.

In Sayville, the budget didn't even get a 50 percent yes vote. Long-time resident Harry Ehlers says there's a reason for that.

“Maybe our taxes were not going to go up more than $100, $200, but it’s going up all the time, and there's no clamp down on it,” said Ehlers.

The Sayville school board announced potential revisions that could leave the budget below the state tax cap during Wednesday's meeting. Options include cutting assistant coach positions, eliminating secondary summer school and not filling certain other non-essential district positions left vacant after staff retirements.

Some opponents say the district's administrators should slash their salaries before making cuts elsewhere.