SOUTHAMPTON - The race for Southampton town supervisor could end up being a rematch.

Linda Kabot, the former town supervisor, lost her position to Town Supervisor Anna Throne-Holst two years ago. Kabot blamed her loss on a DWI arrest that happened just before the election. She was ultimately found not guilty.

This year, she's running a write-in campaign.

"I'm not listed on the ballot, so I'm asking people to print my name at the bottom of column 15," Kabot says.

Neither the Republican or Conservative parties in Southampton nominated a candidate to run for the top job at town hall, so voters will see an empty box next to those parties on the ballot. But, with or without an opponent, the current town supervisor says her strategy is the same.

"For us, the focus has been to bringing a real positive majority to town hall and one that's really here to serve the people and not a party platform. We're really here to serve the people. So that hasn't changed, that's been the focus from the very beginning and will be until next Tuesday," says Throne-Holst, who is running on the Independence, Democratic and Working Families lines.