WANTAGH - Long Island communities near the water could be facing some severe flooding as this weekend's impending storm hits the area.

Homeowners on Hempstead Lane -- located next to the Bellmore Canal -- and others like it along the South Shore are worried about the flooding and damage that the storm may bring.

Freddy Vuckovic, of Wantagh, lives across the street from the canal, which overflowed during Superstorm Sandy and flooded his home with a foot of water.

He says he's prepared to evacuate if the storm causes major flooding.

In Amityville, Tina Vigorito also remembers the havoc brought upon by Sandy. She lives a few feet from Amityville Creek and packed up her valuables just in case.

Many residents are concerned about the storm's combination of powerful winds mixed with a lunar high tide. They're expecting about 2-4 feet above normal high tide during the storm.

Amityville officials sent out a robocall to resident Friday afternoon to inform them of the preparations made in anticipation of the snowstorm.

Fire Chief Glenn Slack says the fire department will be on standby all throughout Saturday.

Officials are advising residents to move their cars to higher ground, and to stay home and off the roads during the storm.