FREEPORT - South Shore communities in Suffolk County were dealing with flooding Saturday as a coastal storm swept over Long Island.

Areas like Babylon and Lindenhurst saw floodwaters stream onto their streets and turn roads into rivers.

Many residents say they have done all they can to get prepared. Homeowner Joanne Albert says she elevated her home after Superstorm Sandy, but not all neighbors did the same.

"We don't have any concern about getting water in the house, but for our neighbor across the street, Superstorm Sandy was their fifth flood and it looks to me like they'll be putting another claim in," she says.

In Lindenhurst, the frustration was palpable. One man says his house was finally being built from Superstorm Sandy. "Three years later, and now it just keeps floating," he says.

A coastal flood advisory was issued for Long Island during times of high tide through Sunday.