NEW HYDE PARK - A man accused of keeping illegal weapons in his New Hyde Park home may have fled the country, according to his landlord.

Emilio Adadmo says his tenant, 37-year-old Chandrakant Dhanak left abruptly last week, telling him he was putting the key in the mailbox and going "home to take care of sick family." Adadmo thinks Dhanak left for India.

Dhanak previously rented an apartment on North 6th Street and was arrested in April on weapons charges.

At that time, police found 37 weapons in the home, nine of which were illegal assault rifles. He posted $5,000 bail, and was not asked to surrender his passport at the time.

Adadmo says he found even more weapons in Dhanak's residence Tuesday night when he was cleaning the apartment. Nassau police, including the bomb squad, says it seized four assault rifles, ammunition and black powder that can be used to make more ammunition.

Police are still investigating Dhanak's motives, but a source tells News 12 that he may have been a survivalist.

According to state records, Dhanak used to own a 7-Eleven in Corona, Queens, and his wife, Jigna, was a pharmacist at a Rite-Aid in Rockville Centre.

News 12 called his wife’s cellphone, but no one answered. An employee at the Rite-Aid said Jigna took a vacation last week and never came back to work.

Dhanak is set to be due back in court next week on the illegal weapons charges.

Police have not confirmed if Dhanak has fled the country.