ISLANDIA - News 12 Long Island has learned that Suffolk OTB reportedly has its eye on a new spot in Islandia after facing months of protests against a gambling hall in Medford.

Sources say the Suffolk OTB is considering the purchase of the Islandia Marriott Hotel on the Long Island Expressway service road for its planned 1,000 video lottery terminal casino.

Suffolk OTB currently owns the Medford site, but it faces lawsuits and delays because of opposition.

When asked about the possible purchase, Mayor Allan Dorman said he couldn't comment since he hadn't spoken to Suffolk OTB or received an application for the casino.

Suffolk OTB would not comment on the possible purchase of the building. It's financial partner, Delaware North, told News 12 that it is "continuing to work with Suffolk OTB to realize our shared goal of opening a video gaming facility."

Islandia Village officials told News 12 Long Island that it would hold public hearings on any proposed site. It's believed that the village could net as much as $3 million in revenue from the casino.