MASTIC BEACH - News 12 Long Island has learned that the husband suspected of killing the mother of his six children in a murder-suicide had a prior arrest record and was interviewed by police following the murder of a Mastic man.

Court records show Wayne Street had been arrested before on an assault charge and for violating his probation. A source tells News 12 Long Island that Street was also interviewed as part of the investigation into the murder last November of 51-year old Terrance Scott, of Mastic Beach. Scott’s family says he was shot in the face in his own home.

Street, 29, shot and killed his wife Jenni Lee, 28, in the Woodside Drive home that the couple shared with their six children, according to police. Two of the couple’s children, a toddler and a newborn, were in the home at the time of the couple’s deaths.

Their other four children came home from school and found the home was locked. They walked to a nearby ice cream shop to ask an adult for help. The adult returned with them and discovered the bodies.