MEDFORD - The husband and wife charged in the Medford Father's Day massacre are both expected to plead guilty tomorrow in court.

A source close to the case told News 12 Long Island that David Laffer will admit tomorrow to executing two employees and two customers at Haven Drugs.

While the plea deal eliminates the possibility of the death penalty, Laffer is expected to face life in prison without parole.

His wife, Melinda Brady, is also expected to plead guilty to her involvement in the killings. Brady was charged with acting as the getaway driver in the massacre.

Prosecutors say video and audio of the execution-style shootings were captured on a surveillance camera, along with Laffer filling a bag with thousands of prescription pills that he allegedly stole for his wife.

Melanie Gilligan lives across the street from the family of the youngest victim in the massacre, 17-year-old Jennifer Mejia. She says the possibility of Laffer spending the rest of his life behind bars will have to do.

"Some kind of justice is better than no kind of justice," she says.

Laffer and Brady are due in court tomorrow morning. It's not yet clear what charges Brady may plead guilty to.

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