SOUND BEACH - Sound Beach residents are shaken up after last night?s report of shots fired prompted police to activate their emergency alert system. Suffolk police activated their CodeRED alert system after 911 callers reported that a man with a painted face fired a shotgun by a home on Waterville Drive and then fled on foot. The alert message that went out after 10:30 p.m. asked residents to stay inside, saying, "There has been a shooting in the neighborhood, and there is a suspect armed with a shotgun and on foot."Police say they conducted an extensive search of the neighborhood before sending out a second alert update. That alert stated, "The home where the shooting took place was randomly selected, therefore we believe there is no continuing threat to the area." The second message confused residents, who weren't sure if they should be worried. Police say there was a mistake in the recording: it should have said the house was not randomly selected, but targeted instead. Officials say they're investigating the mistaken alert. The suspect remains at large, police say.