MANHATTAN - After a prolonged tour of duty in Iraq, 160 soldiers, many of them from Long Island, returned home today.

Members of the 442nd Military Police Company were greeted by loved ones at the New York National Guard Armory in Harlem.

The soldiers completed almost 10 months of service during which they trained Iraqi law enforcement.

Sgt. Steven Seidenstein, of Merrick, was reunited today with his father, Bill, a Navy veteran, and his fiancée, Kara Clark. Seidenstein led his men in training Iraq's police, teaming up former enemies Shiites and Sunnis.

"Everybody came home safe, so I couldn't be happier," he says.

The 442nd Military Police Company is a group of citizen soldiers, which means in a few weeks they will be transitioning to civilian life.

Spc. Matt Clennan, of Ronkonkoma, is planning a law enforcement career, while Spc. Jonathan Crespo, of Shirley, says he will soon become a nurse.