STEWART MANOR - After serving for several months in Afghanistan, a soldier from Long Island returned to a hometown hero's welcome on Saturday.

The Stewart Manor community rallied around Army Spc. Daniel MacFall, who was stationed in Afghanistan for six months.

Residents and friends lined the streets waving flags to welcome MacFall home, as motorcyclists with the Patriot Guard and the Red Knights club roared by. Fire trucks from local departments flew giant American flags along Covert Avenue and the street where MacFall lives.

"I just feel overwhelmed and appreciative for everything that everyone's done. They've all taken the time to come out and welcome me home. It feels good," MacFall said. He added that he can't help but think of the other U.S. soldiers who are serving overseas.

His family says they've been flying a flag outside their home since he was deployed, and they feel touched by the community's show of support at his safe return.

The idea for the homecoming began when residents started hanging red, white and blue patriotic ribbons on trees. The village got wind of it and decided to organize a hero's welcome just in time for the Fourth of July weekend.