MILLER PLACE - Heartbroken family and friends said their final goodbyes today to a soldier from Suffolk who was killed on U.S. soil shortly after returning from a tour in Afghanistan. Army Spc. Taylor Hotzoglou was murdered last month in Clarksville, Tenn., by two men who knocked on his apartment door and asked to use a phone, police say. When the men couldn't reach whomever they were calling, Hotzoglou offered to give them a ride, according to his roommate.Hotzoglou, 22, was found shot to death outside of his car. Tennessee police have arrested a man named Giovanni Johnson and a 17-year-old accomplice, both of whom are facing murder charges. Funeral services were held for Hotzoglou today in Miller Place, not far from where he grew up in Rocky Point. Family members were too distraught to speak with News 12 Long Island.

Rocky Point soldier murdered in Tennessee