The soaring July temperatures pose unique dangers to children, seniors and pets.

Playground equipment can hit alarming temperatures in conditions like these. News 12 Long Island took an infrared thermometer to test playground equipment and record temperatures of 136 degrees on a rock and 145 degrees on a slide.

People and animals should not be kept in closed, parked cars. Those hot cars can also be dangerous for people first getting in or returning to their vehicle.

Doctors at Nassau University Medical Center say they haven't seen many cases of heat exhaustion or burns yet, but they still recommend being careful in the heat - especially for the elderly. They say to drink lots of fluids, wear light clothing and to use an umbrella or hat.

For those still looking to get out and exercise, personal trainer Jo-Ann Houston says to taper back intensity and take breaks. Runners should intermittently walk.

“It’s basically coming down to using common sense,” says Houston.