WOODBURY - Gas prices on Long Island are hovering at around $4.00 a gallon and officials say it could get even worse, but there are ways Long Islanders can save money or gas itself.

Prices at the pump went up another 2 cents today to an average of $3.75 for a gallon of regular gas on Long Island.

Experts say the unrest in Libya is causing oil prices to rise. However, they say there are some quick tips residents can use to help stifle the sting of rising gas prices.

Steve Rozansky, at Family Auto Service in Baldwin, says simple things such as replacing dirty air filters, tuning up your engine and keeping tires properly inflated can help save gas.

Experts say residents can even use some smartphone apps to help find the cheapest gas prices.Average price for gas soars to $3.72 a gallon on Long IslandGas prices rising as unrest hits parts of the Middle EastGas Buddy EPA Fuel Economy How Cast Gizmodo Apps