RIVERHEAD - How much snow did we get this time around? Well, it depends on where you are.

Click NEXT below the video player to see News 12 Long Island's coverage of the heavy snowfall in Suffolk County.

The snowstorm tuned out to be a Dickensian tale of two counties. Suffolk County, especially the areas around Selden and Centereach, got hammered by the storm, while Nassau County, particularly the South Shore, got off relatively easy.

News 12 Long Island meteorologists say there are two main reasons why Suffolk got so much more snow than Nassau: first, the weather system had a lot more energy in it as it passed over Suffolk, and second, it simply stopped snowing in Nassau faster than it did in Suffolk.

Suffolk says there were more than 60 crashes and 48 abandoned and disabled cars reported in the county during the storm, which dumped between 9-17 inches of snow across the county.

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