RIVERHEAD - While the snow stopped Saturday night, it left a layer of dangerous ice on the sidewalks and streets in Riverhead.

People who had to work Saturday night said they had to grin and bear it.  Gary Mosley, 58, said he had to travel to work on his bicycle.

The snowstorm also left some local businesses in a deep freeze.

Jeff McKay, owner of Vines and Hops on East Main Street in Riverhead, says the recent snowstorms have hurt his business.

"The way the winter has been, we're counting on our Friday and Saturday nights, so it really hurts us," he says.

Mckay, who has been in business for four months, said that on Saturday night there wasn't much of a crowd, and even his band canceled.

He did say that the Town of Riverhead has been doing a great job cleaning the roads and sidewalks.  However, his business remains in trouble because the storms have hit so fast and the snow keeps piling up.

Riverhead Supervisor Sean Walter says his town has already reached its budget for salt and sand.  He says there is more salt on the way and the town has its own sand deposits.