NORTH BABYLON - More snow is on the horizon, unfortunate news for store owners who’ve been slammed by the rough winter.

Mike Pegalis, owner of Some Guy's Car Wash in North Babylon, says his business has lost 15 days in two months because of snow.

“Typically snow for a car wash can be very profitable, but this year, because the storms came so quickly, people didn't have enough time for the snow to melt and to come and clean off their car,” he says.

Brad Berger, of Berger Brothers Camera Exchange, says customers are reluctant to leave their homes.

“They're afraid to come out,” says Berger. “They're only going to come out unless they really need food or something like that. So when you have a business that does zero for the day and you still have to pay your rent and your employees, you're in a deficit.”

Snow is expected to hit Long Island again Sunday into Monday.