SMITHTOWN - A Smithtown woman has been involved in an ongoing battle with PSEG Long Island for months over her bills.  

Joan Batchelor says she shouldn't get "estimated" bills from the utility since she's let meter readers take actual readings.

After complaining, the utility eventually gave Batchelor a $1,400 credit. Soon after, PSEG Long Island said the credit was a mistake needing to be reversed, adding that the trouble stemmed from a bad meter that was never replaced.

“We clearly had some missteps here. We should have replaced her meter earlier on and we didn't,” said Jeffrey Weir, of PSEG Long Island. “In the absence of an accurate meter read, we do estimated reads based on historical usage.”

Batchelor believes she may not be the only one who has had problems with their bill and power meter. The utility says it doesn't believe there are many other customers with similar billing and meter problems.

Weir says the utility is reviewing processes and procedures to avoid future problems.

PSEG Long Island says it will replace Batchelor's meter once it is given access to her property.