SMITHTOWN - Smithtown Town Clerk Vincent Puleo says he’s unfairly being blamed for the town’s weeklong supervisor vacancy over a clerical issue.

The newly re-elected Pat Vecchio, Smithtown’s longtime supervisor, neglected to sign his oath of office within 30 days of being sworn in. Vecchio technically lost his job until the town board reinstated him last night.

Vecchio and Puleo blame each other for the incident.

“It's totally ridiculous for people to shoot bullets at me when they don't know what they're talking about,” says Puleo.

Puleo admits he realized Vecchio hadn’t signed the oath following his inauguration. But Puleo says Councilman Tom McCarthy was aware his colleagues needed to sign and could have told them to do so. McCarthy claims Puleo told him anyone looking to sign the book would have to come to Puleo.

Vecchio is back at work, but didn’t hide his feelings toward the town clerk.

“I don't know that I'll talk to the clerk again, but that's OK,” said Vecchio. “He doesn't have much of a job anyway. He gives out birth certificates.”

Despite being re-elected in November, Vecchio’s “reappointment” will require him to run for office again this year. Vecchio says he is 100 percent committed to doing that. Two Smithtown lawmakers are trying to pass a bill to nullify the need for an election this November and allow Vecchio to serve his regular four-year term.