SMITHTOWN - For the fourth time in three days, a water main erupted in Smithtown, flooding the area around Riviera Drive, and local residents say they've had enough.

Residents of the 60-year-old development say the 6-inch concrete water mains are frequently popping and turning into geysers.

Compounding the water main problem, once the streets are patched up, potholes and huge cracks form. Some residents, like Pete Ruggierio, say streets look like moon craters.

Everyone agrees that the water main problem must be addressed, but local officials are divided over how to pay for the solutions.

Councilman Robert Creighton favors borrowing funds to repair the roads and pipes, but Town Supervisor Patrick Vecchio believes a Suffolk County Water Authority takeover might be a cheaper alternative.

The entire town board would have to vote to approve any borrowing to repair the roads and water mains.