SMITHTOWN - Classes at Smithtown High School West ended without incident today amid a lockdown caused by the discovery of a threatening message inside the building.

The message was found scrawled on a wall inside a bathroom yesterday, stating that someone was going to shoot up the school today. About 200 of the school's 1,700 students stayed home today due to safety concerns.

Superintendent Edward Ehmann says parents were notified, students' backpacks were inspected and nearly all entrances of the school were locked. Also, student passes were only given out for visits to the school nurse.

The incident comes just two weeks after a 17-year-old student allegedly went on a shooting rampage at an Ohio high school, killing three students.

Meanwhile, Smithtown West school officials and police are investigating to find out who wrote the message. Administrators say the school will remain on modified lockdown until further notice.School shooting threat found at Smithtown H.S. West