WAINSCOTT - Stuart Sutcliffe, better known as "The Lost Beatle," was an original member of the legendary band, and now the late musician's sister is auctioning off some of his artwork.Sutcliffe was the original bassist for The Beatles before leaving to pursue an art degree and get married. His sister, Pauline Sutcliffe, of Wainscott, says while her brother parted ways with the band, his impact could be seen in the signature Beatles mop-top hairstyle. She also says that it was her brother who came up with the name "Beatles." Sutcliffe's influence and his close friendship with John Lennon, who was his roommate in art school, is documented through hundreds of one-of-a-kind pictures, letters and drawings dating back to the start of The Beatles. Pauline Sutcliffe has held onto her collection for 30 years, but now she is auctioning six items, including some of her brother's sketches of Lennon and Paul McCartney. The auction, which will begin in January, is a tribute to Sutcliffe, who died of a brain hemorrhage at age 21."I want to make sure people know what a young talent he was," Pauline Sutcliffe says. Stuart Sutcliffe's WebsiteR&R Auction House