NORTH MERRICK - Being without power may pose a serious inconvenience to most people, but to those who are sick or elderly, it could be life-threatening. Irwin Wyman, 87, has been without power for three days. He has congestive heart failure and relies on oxygen to survive, which poses a problem because oxygen tanks operate off of electricity.Wyman, of North Merrick, also has diabetes, and keeping his insulin cold without power has been a challenge. Wyman's neighbor, Jeff Kruger, has similar health problems that require oxygen and refrigerated insulin. "This is not about missing the accommodations that make you more comfortable," says Kruger's wife, Sheryl. "This is about necessity for life."When the two families tried to call the Long Island Power Authority (LIPA) for help, they say all they got was a standard automated recording.Wyman and Kruger say they hope LIPA will make them a priority because of their medical conditions.LIPA officials, however, say they are focusing on hospitals and basic infrastructure.

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