WOODBURY - Suffolk County spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to purchase the high-tech crime-fighting system ShotSpotter, but months after the fact, it's still not up and running, and questions are being raised as to why. The Suffolk County Police Department said yesterday that ShotSpotter hadn't installed the necessary software in the sector cars. However, News 12 Long Island obtained an email dated Oct. 27 that was sent from the Suffolk County Police Department to the Suffolk Legislature, asking for an additional $6,000 to buy seven desktop computers "needed for the system to function." The department didn't have the money despite the fact that the Legislature approved $600,000 to fund the ShotSpotter project. A police chief did confirm that the department requested the desktops a month ago, but says since then, ShotSpotter came up with an alternative software package that can run on the police department's existing computer systems. Police say they now have all the necessary software, and the system will be tested this week to make sure it's calibrated.The police department says ShotSpotter will be fully operational in three weeks.