GARDEN CITY PARK - An NYPD officer from Garden City Park is already speaking and asking for his newborn daughter after being shot in the head last night while chasing a suspect in Brooklyn. Officer Kevin Brennan, 29, was shot at close range by a suspect with a .38-caliber gun at a public housing complex, officials say. Surgeons at Bellevue Hospital in Manhattan were able to remove the bullet from Brennan's skull last night.Relatives say Brennan and his wife welcomed a baby girl, Maive, into the world six weeks ago. The officer is expected to make a full recovery, and family members say they're relieved and overjoyed at the news.The suspect, 21-year-old Luis "Baby" Ortiz, is in custody. Authorities say he had been wanted for questioning about a New Year's Eve murder in Brooklyn.Ortiz is facing a charge of attempted murder in addition to several other charges, according to officials.