SHIRLEY - A Suffolk home for recovering addicts was shut down today after officials found that it was crawling with bedbugs, roaches and fleas.

Members of the Shirley Civic Association say they fought for six years to close the doors on the sober home at 502 William Floyd Parkway. They complained that the home, designed to help alcohol and drug addicts, was filled with booze and drugs, posing a threat to the community.The Town of Brookhaven condemned the home and shut it down today after inspectors found deplorable conditions inside.Critics say sober homes are not only eyesores, but also a waste of taxpayer dollars. There's no legal requirement to provide residents with counseling and support, and many of the recovering abusers receive rent subsidies from the county. Lawmakers in the Town of Brookhaven say the crackdown will continue at other sober homes in the area.