WOODBURY - The widow of an LIRR engineer may have to pay back thousands to the MTA because of a clerical error made almost 20 years ago.

Shirley Findel's husband, Harry, died in September. Last week, she was told they had been getting excess pension benefits from the LIRR since 1995 because of a clerical error. The MTA now wants her to pay back nearly $27,000.

The 79-year-old, who now lives in Florida, calls it a slap in the face after her husband and her husband's father were part of the LIRR family for decades.

She says she is not taking any of the MTA's payback options, and is consulting an attorney. Findels' daughter says the family has also contacted her father's union for help.

The MTA tells News 12 Long Island that it will try to work with Findel and "reach a fair and equitable solution.