BABYLON - Officials say swimmers are allowed back in the water in Babylon after a shark sighting Wednesday.

The sighting happened at Overlook Beach, near Cedar and Gilgo beaches, around 3 p.m. Wednesday.

Officials tell News 12 that lifeguards spotted a fin from 6-foot shark about 80 yards offshore and told swimmers to get out. They then closed the beach.

Officials say the shark didn't appear to threaten anyone, but they took no chances.

Despite recent reports of sightings and attacks along the East Coast, Dr. Jim Gelsleichter, from the University of  North Florida, says sharks don't prey on people.

"If they really were after us, we would see shark attacks or shark-related injuries to be much more common," he says.

Experts say that there are more reports of shark sightings because of cellphones, cameras and social media, not because more sharks are swimming closer to the coast.

They also say that there are harmless species of sharks and that some fish are mistaken for sharks.

Lifeguards at the beach say they are well-trained to spot any dangers and get people out of the water.